Just about Me!

 First let me welcome you to my Blog. I am horrible at these things, but I am going to try ;). This is one of few ways to link you to my Facebook.

 Not only am I photographer but I am an Army Wife & a Mother. I have a beautifully handsome Son Kole. He is 7 and growing so fast, I take photos of him every chance I get. My Husband is my best friend & is currently active duty We have a little over a year left & then will hope to settle in New Braunfels! I was born in Raised in Live Oak, Texas. Right outside of San Antonio. I moved away for 5 years & fought, kicked & screamed to find my way back.

 I have been taking pictures professionally for about a year now. It has been the most amazing experience. I honestly can not imagine doing anything else. I love being able to tell a story with my photos. But, behind the scenes is completely different story. I will run, jump, scream, laugh, sing like a crazy person (horribly bad singer) just to get a true laugh, a sincere smile, & the honest love between a couple.

I have a great love for Photography of all types & would love to help you get the perfect photos to fill your home.

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