Saturday, August 25, 2012

The love of Pictures.

The love of Pictures.

My home is flooded with pictures, the first thing I unpacked after our move from North Carolina was my box of pictures. Before I even had a dish to eat on or a towel to wash with I had pictures on the wall. They make a house a home, my son is everywhere I look & boy is he a cutie. I keep telling myself I want to be a portrait photographer but the more and more I get into my work the more and more I book weddings. Weddings are a perfect chance to prove to yourself that you can do this... and you can do it well. You have that one shot, that one perfect moment where chance & luck & a little bit of grace just happen to work out and you walk away feeling like iron man knowing you got the shot. When a hundred people are dancing around and you just happen to capture the most genuine look on the groom & brides face and to top it off they are in focus ;) , or you have been trying all day to get the flower girl & the ring bearer to not "fight" and actually act civil and EVERYONE is looking at you. Makes it all worth it... what am I talking about. Oh the stress, the stress level rises knowing you only have that one chance... we talked about that one chance earlier. The brides mom, and new in laws all want certain photos, Uncle bob is making faces, kids are over smiling all while the bride just wants to kick off her heels and have a drink because she knows her new husband has been drinking all day. HOW UNFAIR OF HIM! :) So you (me) the photographer tries to hurry "RATS" you forgot to get the picture of the groom and his parents EVERYONE BACK TO THE LINE! Snap got it! Then off to first dance, father daughter, Mother son, cake, garter, bouquet, dancing. Its all the same, there is no wedding that you will go to that does not want those pictures. Yet every single one of them is different and beautiful in its own way. I think I have changed what i want to do. I want to book more weddings, I have a glutton for punishment I think. I love it! I love looking at the photos they make me smile. Its a perfect way to make someone else happy all at the same time doing something I just love.

~Stephanie~ SmS Photography (San Antonio)

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