Thursday, January 12, 2012

Pet Photography.

I love everything ABOUT Dogs, They are the secret to making you feel better when you have the flu, they are the ones that keep you warm at night, and safe while sleeping. This pretty girl Reese did not like my camera. Would not look at it to save my life. You can't tell in this picture, but my hand is actually under her belly and I had to hold her so she wouldn't run from me. This couple had two weenie dogs, they are holding the other one in the background. I have seen dogs like Reese before, and The owner told me that Her "Max" seems to feel like his soul will be stolen out of the picture. I wonder if that's true?? Although I guess we will never really find out, there are always ways to get your lovely pet in the photo.

Just a few tips for bringing your pets to the shoot.

* Walk them around outside your home, or the location of the shoot for a few minutes so they get their sniffers tuckered out.

* I personally would not feed my dogs right before going to the location. Just for the fact that I wouldn't want to clean up after them every time I turn around.

* Please PLEASE bring doggie bags. Most places around San Antonio welcome pets. But, you must clean up after them. SmS Photography will not be responsible for dog mess fees.

*Please bring your dogs leashes and collars, leash laws still apply to photographers. You can take them off for the picture, but they must go right back on. SmS Photography will not be responsible for breaking leash law or fines that come of it. 

All in All Dogs usually work well while their families are close. They make for great family portraits and can stay with your family for a lifetime. Hope to see you Soon!!!

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